Red Kite Universal Choke Drop Guages




Red Kite Universal Choke Drop Gauges

(Choke chart included)
NOTE: Choke is a function of the pattern of a gun at a set distance, i.e. the number of pellets % in a 30" circle. Measuring a choke and equating the degree of choke from a chart gives a theoretical pattern output, but wear to the gun, forcing cones, back boring, over boring, even wad type and shot size and hardness all affect a choke's performance. While measuring a choke with a gauge will give you an indication of the likely choke performance, ONLY plating a gun with specific cartridges and doing a pellet count can provide definitive information. True output to a pattern plate can vary significantly from choke/barrel markings or chart measurement.

Note also that aftermarket choke manufacturers and some gun makers may regulate chokes for specific gun's internal ballistics, and their choke measures and increments may vary from the generic chart that is based on true Cy being 0.729 for 12g and each choke increment being 10thou"

  • Two flat metal drop gauges
  • Measure in inches or mm
  • Range zero to 30mm
  • All gauges 410 / 28 / 20 / 16 / 12 / 10g
  • Read off choke size from chart  

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