RKC26 - Red Kite Gunsmith's Hot Browning Oil


Red Kite



Gunsmith's Hot Browning Oil:

  • Hot Treatment to Restore Finish
  • For Use on Musket/Gun Barrels with a Brown Oil Finish
  • Helps Relieve and Display Fine Damascus Wire Patterns
  • (See also our Cold Selenium Brown)

Available in 3 sizes:
100ml Dropper Top Bottle for ease of use
250ml & 500ml Bulk or Refill Bottles

Paint the solution onto the product which must be grease free and clean. This product is for small items that can be placed in an oven and baked at oven temperature or for larger items heat off with a high temperature air blower - 200 F + but below oil ignition point. The process burns out the volitile ingrediants in the oil leaving a translucent brown cellulose coating. More than one layer may be needed. Always experiement first on non critical parts. Process with caution, this oil is inflammable. Use Selenium Cold Brown finish if heat processing is not wanted.

For further information our stock finishing products and how to use them please click the link below to download the

Red Kite Guide to Stock Finishing



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