RKC20 - Red Kite Gunsmith's Copper Solvent - Ed's Red Plus


Red Kite




Gunsmith's Copper Solvent:

  • Helps Shift Tough Copper Residue
  • Protects and Cleans
  • Suitable for use on Shotguns and Rifles

Available in 3 sizes:
100ml Spray Top Bottle for ease of use
250ml or 500ml Bulk or Refill Bottles

This is Ed's Red solvent 50% with Copper Solvent 50% added. Shake before use. Clears lead and nitro-powder residues, and copper fouling.

Spray into barrel or parts to be cleaned, leave to act. Brush out with suitable brush. Repeat as required. Use in ventilated space. Use PPE for eye and skin protection.

For further information our stock finishing products and how to use them please click the link below to download the

Red Kite Guide to Stock Finishing




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